We strive to supply quick intervention and tools for the family that aim to facilitate long term growth within the family unit through Consultative and Programmatic Services.

Consultative Services

  • Parent coaching
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • IEP advocacy
  • Nutrition expansion
  • Guided peer play
  • Social skill groups
  • Team organizing
  • School consultations
  • Preschool/daycare shadowing
  • Childcare staff trainings

AFS is proud to offer an all-inclusive preschool program with intensive focus on therapeutic and social services. [More Info]
Our After-School Program focuses on social skill development, homework assistance, and nutrition expansion. [More Info]
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
AFS Summer Camp is the best way to keep your child engaged during the summer! We welcome children of all developmental levels and strive toward a fun and educational environment with opportunities for social skill development throughout each week. [More Info]