Applied Family Services of Winston-Salem is a non-profit organization that exists to provide support, skills, and resources that empower families of individuals with developmental delays. We strive to supply quick intervention and tools for the family that aim to facilitate long term growth within the family unit through Consultative and Programmatic Services. By first getting to know the family and child through detailed observation and survey analysis, we are able to provide key insights and actionable strategies that can immediately be put to use. In addition to receiving a custom action plan, we are committed to connecting your child and family with the absolute best of local resources.

A few of the Consultative Services we offer are:

  • Parent coaching
  • IEP advocacy
  • Nutrition expansion
  • Guided peer play
  • Social skill groups
  • Team organizing
  • School consultations
  • Preschool/daycare shadowing
  • Childcare staff trainings

A few of the Programs we currently offer are: